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Would you like some help in creating the relationships and life that you want?



Listen To Susie and Otto 

If you have goals and desires, in your relationships or in other parts of your life, that just don't seem to be moving forward, coaching sessions with us can help.  

"They help people create wonderful relationships"

"Otto and Susie are committed to helping people create wonderful relationships. They help you identify past negative patterns in personal relationships and help you determine what you really want and focus on that. Their interactive method and joint approach with a male and female perspective is invaluable. They are a real couple who are dedicated to each other and to anyone who desires to create a fulfilling relationship."
                  Steven Heller, California

"They ask the right questions to steer you 
in a positive, fulfilled direction"

"I sought a relationship coach to delve into the area of having a relationship that I have always wanted. Although I have not found that special someone, I have become a lot clearer as to the underpinning of why want a relationship different from the one's that I have had that have not been fulfilling, and opening up possibilities for the one I'm not going to take less than. It is a compassionate, in-depth dialogue with both Susie and Otto, who provide the right questions, to steer you in a positive fulfilled direction."  
               Chris Kerr, Massachusetts


It would be our privilege to work with and support you in creating what you want in your life.  

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you.

Blessings, Susie and Otto

P.S. Here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about coaching and what it can do for you...

What is a coach?

A coach is trained to help people move forward with their goals by helping find the answers and creativity within them. A coach provides a safe space, questions, insights, skills and strategies to help motivate people who are wanting to improve their lives and their relationships. A coach focuses on assisting the client in creating an action plan for moving toward what they want in life.

How can coaching sessions  with Susie or Otto help?

  • Help you to consciously design what you want in your life

  • Identify your goals and help you to choose action steps toward accomplishing your goals--(eg. creating a healthier lifestyle, changing careers, writing a book)

  • Help you and your new partner create a conscious, alive partnership that's different from your previous relationship

  • Rekindle the love and passion that once was between the two of you

  • Discover how to become allies in your relationship instead of adversaries

  • Step out of a pattern of conflict and move into harmony and closeness in your relationship

  • Move on from a relationship that has ended and attract the love you want into your life

  • Decide whether to leave or stay in your current relationship

How are Coaching Sessions Conducted?

Coaching sessions (30 or 60 minutes) can be done in person or by telephone, with you calling us at our scheduled time.   Some people choose to work on a weekly basis and some biweekly or monthly.  All sessions are confidential.  We may choose to correspond by email between sessions.

You can choose to do this work with us by yourself or with a partner.  

To find out more about coaching sessions with Susie or Otto, here's how to contact us:

By email, click here

or by phone (614) 459-8121 9am-9pm Est


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Relationship Coaches Susie and Otto Collins, PO Box 14544, Columbus, OH 43214
Contact Susie or Otto about Relationship Coaching by calling (614) 568-8282.
For all other inquiries, contact us by email.

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