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A Common Myth about Intimacy, Sexuality and Pleasure

There's a great big myth that has been taught to men and women in this society about how to have a successful sexual relationship. The myth is that there is a seducer, there's the person being seduced, and there's a great deal of excitement in the chase. This is the way we were unconsciously taught to begin intimate relationships and this myth is one reason that passion fades after awhile in committed relationships--but it doesn't have to be that way.

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Do You Suspect That You are Being Lied to and Cheated on?

If you suspect your man is lying and cheating on you, here's a way to know for sure. This programs offers practical tips and advice you can use to find out whether or not your suspicions are true.

Marriage Tips & Advice:
10 Questions to Consider When There's Been an Affair

Whether you are the one who had the affair or your partner cheated on you, the answer to these questions could help you to decide your next steps. 

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Are You Talking on Eggshells?

As Relationship Coaches and simply observers of all kinds of relationships--if there's one thing we've noticed, people do a lot of "talking on eggshells"--talking carefully around hot-button issues and fearing that one of them would say something to destroy their relationship forever.
What we know for sure is that there are some things that you can do to stop "talking on eggshells" and start communicating from your hearts.

How to Tell If Your Man's a Cheating Liar


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on Eggshells

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No More Jealousy

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